Budget Analyst V

Remote Austin, TX

Performs highly advanced (senior-level) budget preparation and analysis work. Work involves overseeing the planning, organizing, coordinating, and evaluating of budgetary activities and performance measures. Plans, assigns, and/or supervises the work of others. Works under minimal supervision, with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

Assists with overseeing budgets for Access & Eligibility and Community Services section. Assists the Budget Manager with the development and maintenance of Organizational Budgets, Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR), Fiscal Notes, Monthly Financial Report (MFR), and the Annual Operating Plans for these programs. Oversees the preparation and coordination of budget briefings to the Budget Manager, Agency Budget Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Program and Executive Management. Develops, monitors, tracks, and reports on key performance measures and census management. Prepares management reports, analyses, correspondence, and related materials to keep management informed and responds to issues/problems. Conducts monthly, quarterly, and annual budgetary meetings with various executive level staff. Assists Budget Manager with personnel management functions which include interviewing, hiring, and developing staff; and evaluating staff performance.  Essential Job Functions:

Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.


Assists the Budget Manager with the development and coordination of organizational budgets, strategy/appropriation budgets, legislative appropriation requests, budget adjustments and budget negotiations. Provides instruction, guidance, and training to team members. Assists with day-to-day management of the team assigning work, monitoring output, providing input on staff performance evaluations, and hiring decisions.(25%)


Analyzes, produces, and maintains agency organizational budgets. Researches and prepares financial information for reports and presentations as required. Recommends improvements to the efficient utilization of funding, staff, and accountability. Verifies source documents and data, analyzes trends and variances, and tests for reasonableness, identifies unusual financial activity. Resolves budget issues related to overages of encumbrances and/or expenditures as needed. Utilizes CAPPS Financials, CAPPS HR, MS Office, USAS, and Docu-Sign. (25%)


Analyzes, produces, and maintains agency appropriation budgets. Works with program staff to ensure funding sources are allocated and budgeted correctly. Monitors, reviews, and analyzes expenditure patterns and trends to determine potential for reallocation, realignment, or adjustments to accomplish programmatic

requirements. Assists with the preparation and development of the legislative appropriation requests (LAR). Ensures accuracy and conformance with instructions and assembles into five year budgetary schedules to include Strategy Requests, Sub-strategy Requests, Exceptional Item Requests, Federal Funds Supporting Schedules, and Revenue Collections Supporting Schedules. Identifies and reports project lapses and shortfalls. Utilizes USAS, CAPPS Financials and CAPPS HR. (10%)


Prepares, reviews, and processes budget journals and transfers related to both salary and non-salaried revisions. Certifies fund availability for budget certification forms and procurement requests. Reviews and completes budget certification forms including calculation/processing of offsetting journals, as required. Provides speedchart and/or chartfield elements on various financial documents to ensure appropriate and correct use of funds. (15%)


Serves as a resource to department staff and provides guidance/technical assistance related to budgetary matters. Attends routine meetings with program management and staff regarding operating budget status and recommendations on utilization of funds. May participate in training program staff on financial policies and procedures. Participates in budget policy and procedures development. (20%)


Prepares, reviews and analyzes cost estimates and fiscal notes for proposed legislation. Reviews fiscal impacts of proposed rules for adoption. Measures the impact of existing and proposed state and federal legislation on HHSC programs. Responds to budgetary inquiries from the legislature, Governor's Office, state and federal agencies, and the Legislative Budget Board. (5%)  

Knowledge Skills Abilities:

Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations relevant to program area.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration and management.

Knowledge of budget management and accounting policies, practices, and operations.

Knowledge of agency organizational structure.

Knowledge of agency programs.

Knowledge of the Centralized Accounting & Payroll Personnel System (CAPPS) and Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

Skill in analyzing financial data.

Skill in written and oral communications.

Skill in use of a networked computer and software.

Ability to manage program activities.

Ability to establish goals and objectives.

Ability to identify problems, evaluate alternatives, and implement effective solutions.

Ability to devise solutions to administrative problems.

Ability to develop and evaluate administrative policies and procedures.

Ability to explain policies and procedures to others.

Ability to coordinate gathering and analyzing detailed and complex financial data.

Ability to prepare concise reports.

Ability to train others.

Ability to plan, assign, and/or supervise the work of others.

Ability to communicate, orally and in writing, effectively with others.  

Registration or Licensure Requirements: None.  

Initial Selection Criteria:

Experience with overseeing the work of others.

Experience with budget processes.

Experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Peoplesoft, CAPPS HR, and/or other financial software.

Experience with state government finance.

Experience with Legislative Appropriation Request and/or Governor's Annual Operating Budget process.  

Additional Information: Requisition Number 551060  

MOS Code:

Note: There may be no military occupation(s) that relate to the initial selection criteria and registration or licensure requirements for this position. All active duty military, reservists, guardsmen, and veterans are encouraged to apply if qualified to fill this position. For more information see the Texas State Auditor’s Military Crosswalk at http://www.hr.sao.state.tx.us/Compensation/JobDescriptions.aspx.  Top 10 Tips for Success when Applying to Jobs at HHSC and DSHS

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