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We help great people find great jobs. Since 1967, Evins Personnel Consultants, Inc. works with many of Texas’ most prominent and successful companies. Contact us now to discuss the type of job that is best for you. Whether you are looking for a full-time career position, short-term temporary position, or something in between, Evins Personnel can help you find your next great job.

We offer a wide variety of full-time professional positions, challenging temporary assignments, competitive pay, and opportunities to work with great companies. We can help you start earning immediately, improve your skills, and find that next great position that fits your needs.

We have four locations: Austin, Houston, Round Rock, and San Angelo, Texas!

Call us today: Austin(512) 454-9561 Round Rock (512) 320-8367 

or visit us at: or visit us at www.evinspersonnelconsultants.com