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Approves, processes, and seals plans/specifications/construction documents by applying engineering standardization of practices and principles of highly technical and complex calculations for applied discipline within the local and state regulatory requirements.

Manages engineering projects that are technically complex, highly visible, priority projects or programs. These projects require a high level of technical proficiency as well as coordinative and administrative responsibility. May require the ability to coordinate the efforts of a multi-discipline, multi-agency project team to complete a defined assignment or CIP.

Identifies, evaluates, and provides improvement recommendations with preliminary and final designs and design criteria for assigned program or projects that may be complex and non routine. Provides assistance in the preparation of preliminary and long-range plans, schedules, estimates, budgets, detailed final plans, specifications, special conditions, and agreements. Provides technical oversight of project progress from design through completion.

Develops cost estimates, tracks expenditures, and prepares cost estimates and engineering and feasibility reports and studies for projects. Prepares and/or provides assistance with preliminary contract documents, specifications and plans. Prepares final plans, specifications, special conditions, and agreements and coordinates and oversees work of contractors, affected public agencies, and utilities. Writes complex technical specifications for construction contracts.

Reviews plans and approves permits by applying complex engineering standardization of practices and principles for applied discipline within Local and State regulatory requirements.

Inspects and monitors projects for legal compliance by reviewing work completed by contractors and ensuring compliance to specifications by completing complex calculations that are used to further provide analysis of preliminary results of a project.

Develops cost estimates/track expenditures by reviewing and writing contract change orders in the area of technical expertise negotiates and recommends financial arrangements for changes to contract.

Leads, as necessary, activities of a design team in the preparation of preliminary and long range plans, schedules, estimates, budgets, detail final construction plans, specifications, and agreements.

Conducts field inspections of work done by contractors to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Drafts and recommends approval of contract change orders.

Researches and performs statistical analysis for validation of reports and publication of results in various communication formats.

Develops standard operating procedures, policies, and ordinances for various contracts and/or projects. May provide analysis and recommendation of performance of various personnel assigned by contract or projects.

Bears responsibility for designing and maintain database systems for project and/or program areas.

Prepares and delivers presentations to public, City Council, or customers.

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