Sales Manager, 90-95K Base Salary, Austin TX

About the Company

At Datafiniti, our mission is to empower people and organizations with data. We collect a wide variety of information and content from thousands of sources and transform it all into highly-structured, instantly accessible data that can be integrated right away into any application or analysis someone is building. Hundreds of companies, from Fortune 500s to startups, have used our various data sets and APIs to power a wide variety of solutions, including fraud prevention, investment algorithms, pricing analysis, mobile apps, lead generation, and much, much more.

About the Role

Over the last two years, we have started to scale significantly, doubling our customer base and revenue each year. We’ve done this with just a two-person sales team, who take inbound leads to close. The sales team is currently managed by our CEO, but it’s time to bring in someone that can lead the sales team to new heights.

As Sales Manager, you’ll have direct ownership over the entire sales function. You’ll be tasked with coaching our sales reps, developing new strategies for each of our many customer verticals, and finding ways to accelerate customer acquisition. This role is a great opportunity for someone wanting to join a company that is entering a hyper-growth phase and is a great fit for someone that wants to transform a small sales team into a finely-tuned sales operation.


  • Coaching sales team on best practices and providing specific guidance on individual deals
  • Developing “playbooks” for various customer verticals and use cases (playbooks include specific value props, suggested pricing, common objections, etc.)
  • Training reps on new sales playbooks or updates to existing ones
  • Reviewing individual sales communication (calls, emails) and providing targeted feedback
  • Maintaining or improving sales volume, cycle duration, conversion rates, average deal size, etc.
  • Training new sales team members on Datafiniti products, value propositions, and processes
  • Regularly researching and experimenting with new sales techniques
  • Working with CEO to monitor sales performance and develop new sales strategies

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 4 years experience of Inside Sales for SaaS
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly detail-oriented, particularly in terms of analyzing sales data and providing reports
  • Strong research ability related to understanding needs of a wide variety of business verticals and customer use cases
  • Highly proficient with Salesforce
  • Highly proficient with Excel
  • Excellent team leadership skills (motivation, direct feedback, and communicating specific tactics in the context of macro strategies/goals)

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits for this role include:

  • $90-95K annual base salary; annual bonus tied to hitting revenue goals
  • Equity in a company that is doubling its revenue every year
  • Comprehensive health insurance (medical, dental, vision, life)
  • Unlimited PTO, but 15 days MINIMUM required, preferably more
  • 7 federal holidays + 4 quarterly company-wide holidays

Additional benefits include:

  • Highly flexible work-life balance: If working in Austin, we ask you work from the office at least twice a week (for team bonding!), and you are free to work from home at your own schedule otherwise.
  • High degree of job autonomy: Team members are encouraged to experiment with their own implementations, propose ideas for company needs, and explore new solutions.
  • Career development: Executive leaders work with team members to align personal goals with company goals.
  • A supportive team environment: Team culture is focused on providing a supportive and positive environment for everyone.

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