Accountant II - 559342

Austin, TX

Accountant II

If you have experience in customer service, and in accounting, bookkeeping, or cash-handling, this job opportunity is for you.

You will work in the Chief Financial Officer’s Accounting department to:

• Process inbound calls and respond to inquiries from clients.

• Create and monitor progress of workflow log requests from clients, entered into the Accounts Receivable Tracking System (ARTS).

• Verify accuracy of client account information and request work orders to address discrepancies.

• Process workflow log requests, repayment agreements, and other duties, as assigned.

You will report to the customer service manager on the accounts receivable research team.

You will need at least three years accounting, bookkeeping, or cash-handling experience and three years customer service experience. You’ll need at least one year of experience in Microsoft Office Suite.

Skills and Abilities

Personality traits

These abilities direct appropriate interactions and communication with coworkers. Additionally, interpersonal skills include demonstrating respect, demonstrating empathy, and utilizing emotional intelligence to comprehend others. Call center representatives frequently employ interpersonal skills to compassionately resolve customer inquiries.


This soft skill entails demonstrating consideration and respect for others in the workplace. Additionally, it entails remaining calm and composed in stressful work situations. Call center representatives must maintain a professional demeanor during all phone calls and interactions with other call center employees. Additionally, they demonstrate professionalism by communicating in business-appropriate terms and tones of voice.

 Essential Job Functions:

• Takes inbound collections calls and responds to inquiries from clients who are overpaid on SNAP and TANF benefits, and provides account information to clients utilizing the ARTS, ASOIG and TIERS systems.

• Creates and monitors progress of work order requests initiated to execute necessary tasks as requested by clients, or program and management staff.

• Verifies accuracy of client account information and submits work order requests to address discrepancies including any necessary and appropriate refunds.

• Process, as requested by Team Lead or designate, various work order requests such as one-time debits, repayment agreement renegotiations, or other tasks as needed.

Knowledge Skills Abilities:

• Strong research skills.

• Strong customer service skills, and good telephone etiquette.

• Ability to perform in a high stress environment.

• Ability to deescalate calls that may involve conflict, especially regarding financial matters.

 Registration or Licensure Requirements:


Initial Selection Criteria:

• Three or more years of customer service experience.

• Two or more years of accounting, bookkeeping, or cash-handling experience.

• One or more years of experience with Microsoft Office Suite.

 Additional Information:

Requisition Number 559342

HHS agencies use E-Verify. You must bring your I-9 documentation with you on your first day of work.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HHS agencies will provide reasonable accommodation during the hiring and selection process for qualified individuals with a disability. If you need assistance completing the on-line application, contact the HHS Employee Service Center at 1-888-894-4747. If you are contacted for an interview and need accommodation to participate in the interview process, please notify the person scheduling the interview.


MOS Code:

Note: Military occupation(s) that relate to the initial selection criteria and registration or licensure requirements for this position may include, but not limited to: 36B, LS, SK, 3432, 6F0X1. All active duty military, reservists, guardsmen, and veterans are encouraged to apply if qualified to fill this position. For more information see the Texas State Auditor’s Military Crosswalk at

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